1&1 My Website – The Pitfalls

1&1 my website reviewRecently in the UK there has been a large scale TV campaign for the ’1 & 1 My Website’ product which allows businesses to set up a website very quickly by picking from some pre selected templates with pre written content that can be updated if you want to.

The main attraction of this service is that it is seen as cheaper than hiring a web designer such as myself to create a site for you. The days of web design running into the thousands has thankfully long since passed us by, although it is still understandable that businesses look to save money. However in doing that many businesses do not realise that they are missing many of the opportunities available to them online.

If cost is a key factor in your decision making why not look at what we built for a customer who contacted us after considering 1&1 before seeing if we could offer a better deal. We like to think that we can offer solutions for all budgets without compromising on design and you get our personal and friendly service thrown in too!

The job of a web designer is not just to create something which looks good, but also something which can be found by your potential customers who are looking for the products and services you provide on search engines like Google and Bing. A large part of this boils down to your content and not necessarily what you write, but how you write it! Obviously there are many further aspects but this is one of the foundations of a good website.

Without having any real experience in writing content for search engines you are effectively putting the ability of your website to draw in customers at risk. Now you may see a slightly lower initial cost when setting up your website using a service like 1 & 1, but in the long term you lose out on your investment!

To highlight the dangers of using a service like this with little or no knowledge of search engine optimisation and content writing for the internet it is important to realise that one of the worst things that you can do with a website is have duplicate content, because it is frowned upon by search engines like Google and will count against your site in search results therefore reducing your exposure to potential customers. With the 1 & 1 service all sites come with pre written content specific to your industry. Now if you fail to change that content, because you don’t understand the implications of duplicate material then I’m afraid your site will not perform as it should. This is because you can guarantee that there are plenty of other businesses just like yours whose websites contain the same pre written content courtesy of 1 & 1.

If you are determined to go down this route to save money on the design then it is worth getting a web designer such as On Target to write your content for you. It may still seem like an extra cost, but if you are looking at a website as a cost to your business now rather than an investment for the future then you probably shouldn’t be getting one.

For more information on our copywriting services and how we can help your business maximise its online potential (with or without using 1 & 1 My Website) then please get in touch.

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