About Us

On Target offer web design, marketing and IT consultancy services to businesses across the UK.

On Target was founded by Richard Hemingway who has previous experience in the tyre and motor servicing industries doing everything from building databases, managing websites, training staff and selling services. More importantly he has also seen how the quality of consultancy can either make or break any kind of project, IT related or otherwise.

It is upon this experience that he decided to set up his own business, offering affordable solutions that deliver real value to businesses.

On Target work on the following set of principles:

  • Proper research into your business and industry sector
  • Find out about your business goals, and viewing them as our own
  • Keeping jargon to a minimum
  • Providing you with what you need, rather than what’s in fashion, therefore offering better return on investment.
  • Building a lasting relationship with your business

The above may be little more than a short summation of the way in which we approach our work but it is also a recipe for success, and previous experience has shown that whilst in business a lot depends on the success of your project, you can’t always depend the project’s success.

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