12 Month Payment Option Now Available


Every business owner understands the need for a good quality website, which gives you a chance to connect with your potential customers via the internet.

12 Month Website Payment Deal

On Target understand that not every business can or will want to pay for their website over a short period of time. In order to help businesses like yours we are now pleased to offer a 12 month payment option to all new customers ordering websites.

We don’t add on any additional charges for monthly payments, and we still provide the same great service!

After your 12 months, you only have your website hosting and domain name to worry about once a year, and we guarantee to match any price you’re currently paying for your hosting and domain name if you already have it!

*Please note that purchases of any required additional website software must be paid in full along with your first monthly payment. However, so far none of our customers have required any additional website software, we just need to cover ourselves! 12 Month payment option available on new website designs only, and not on changes to current websites.

John Hall Tyres


Web Design For Tyre Dealers Garages

John Hall Tyres came to On Target looking for a redesign of their current website which was using an outdated and unsupported content management system.

After reviewing their current website and finding out more about their needs we have created a WordPress based website which is both informative and well presented.

Looking at their previous website it had been poorly optimised for the tyre and garage sector and as specialists in this area we have created a website which covers each service and product on a seperate page in order to maximise the number of visitors to the website and to increase the return on investment for the business.

Due to go live in late November the site briefly consists of:

  • Fully SEO Optimised Content
  • Front Page Slider
  • Editable Latest Offers Section
  • Social Media Integration
  • Simple Contact Form
  • Interactive Map For Directions

For more information on our web design services please call us or use the contact form tucked away to the right of your screen.

Wholesale Book Distribution


Wholesale Book Distribution

Wholesale Book Distribution came to us looking for a hassle free website and hosting solution after trying 1&1 My Website for less than 3 months before the poor quality service became too much.

We quickly helped them to create a website with more functionality than they previously had but desperately needed, which could all be edited by them as at any time.

The business exports books to both the UK and abroad and were looking to integrate a simple ordering and payment system to allow buyers to make orders online at any time of the day rather than by telephone, which was restricted to UK business hours. For this we integrated eShop into their WordPress website which gave they all the extra functionality they were looking for.

The website briefly consists of:

  • SEO Optimised Content
  • Social Media Icons
  • eShop eCommerce System
  • User Editable Content
  • Seperate Home Page Design
  • Contact Form & Interactive Map
  • Google Analytics Tracking

We will be keeping a close eye on the website traffic for this website in the coming months and look forward to working closely with Wholesale Book Distribution in the future. In fact within just 48 hours they had already had two enquiries via their website.

Email Campaign Delivered For Tyrenet (UK) Ltd


Email Marketing Campaign Management

On Target are pleased to announce that we are in the middle of managing an on going email marketing campaign for Tyrenet (UK) Ltd, a British tyre management and breakdown network who provide support to commercial vehicles in both the UK and Europe.

Tyrenet approached On Target after a number of recent system upgrades which have allowed them to expand the services that they can offer to a range of clients with differing needs. The business were looking for a new way to get under the noses of key decision makers on a regular basis in order to further expand their client base which is already growing at pace.

From September to December working together with Tyrenet we will be delivering a number of targetted emails to the companies growing mailing list, which we have segmented using our email marketing software in order to allow us to tailor content to the needs of different types of vehicle fleets who fit within Tyrenet’s customer profile.

The emails will refer to both developments within the business and the tyre industry, and will refer back to articles published on the companies website, again written by On Target.

With a secure online login Tyrenet are able to track how successful a campaign has been, and key to this is the ability to see who has both opened the email and clicked on any links to content on the companies website.

We will also be keeping a close eye on the success of the campaign over the next four months, so be sure to check back for further developments coming soon.


Why High Volume Web Traffic Doesn’t Always Mean More Enquiries

Why High Website Traffic But Low Enquiry NumbersWeb design always has been and always will be a numbers game. With many web design companies now offering their customers the chance to check up on the number of hits their website gets and other key information about its performance a lot of businesses are now becoming more switched on with regards to the number of visitors their website gets per day, week, month or year.

However there are a number of reasons why higher volumes of web traffic do not lead an increased number of enquiries for your business. One of the most common reasons for this tends to be that you are bringing in too much generic traffic as opposed to targetted visitors.

So what’s the difference?

If you are a local business then targetted traffic includes online visitors from within your business encatchment area such as a town or suburb who have a specific interest in the product or service you can provide for them.

Generic traffic can include people from outside your encatchment area or those with no more than a passing interest in something on your website which is never going to lead to a transaction between you and that person.

To give you an example I used to work with a tyre dealer based in east Manchester in my old job. As a business they had spent a lot of money on a website which saw them rank as number one for car tyres in Manchester on Google which in turn brought them plenty of visitors to their website. By analysing the entry and exit pages on their website it was easy to see that visitors were coming in to their website from across the city and surrounding areas and then leaving again once they had seen that their depot was on the other side of Manchester.

Manchester is a big place and very few drivers are likely to drive from one side of the city to the other for a set of tyres unless they can get a hefty discount that most suppliers just can’t afford to give! To put it quite simply the business were ranking highly for the wrong keywords. This meant that their website got plenty of hits but most of these visitors were from the wrong parts of the city and were never going to become customers.

If their designer had been doing their job properly they would have realised that they would get a greater return on investment by targetting local suburbs within a few miles of their depot. This may have resulted in less traffic to the website each month, but as this would have yielded a greater number of targetted visitors it would have led to more enquiries and more business!

When working with us we find out about the scale and scope of your business to ensure that your website delivers targetted traffic and more enquiries giving you a greater return on investment. Can you really afford to deal with someone who doesn’t? Call us today for further information & no obligation quotes, or just to discuss your needs.

Get A Website For Just £5


Competition Closed. Congratulations To Our Winner City 1st Tyres. See The Finished Product On Our Site Coming Soon!


Have you been wanting to get a brand new website for your business, organisation or even just for you?

If so you could win a WordPress based website worth up to £1000 for you or your business in our fantastic competition, and all you have to do is answer one simple question which you can find below.

All entrants will also be entitled to a 15% discount on any web development work as long as that work is quoted for within the 12 months following your entry. Entitlement to the discount will be in the form of a Paypal invoice proving entry to the competition.

So what exactly do you win:

  • 1 WordPress based website
  • Up to 20 pages
  • Search engine optimised
  • Contact Form (if required)
  • Twitter & Facebook Integration
  • Upto 20 email addresses
  • 1 Years hosting
  • 1 Years ownership of a domain name of your choice
  • Free domain transfer if you already own your domain name of choice

With the flexibility of WordPress there are so many website options ranging from image galleries to paypal based e-commerce solutions, and once it’s finished you can even update your site with your latest news and information with no specialist knowledge required.

If you have something specific in mind and would like to check that it is covered under the prize draw you can call or email us to discuss your needs and find out more information.



Entries must be from the UK only. All entries from outside the UK will not be entitled to 15% discount and will not be entered into the prize draw but will still be charged. Only entries giving the correct answer will be placed into the prize draw. All entries should be submitted through our website via Paypal. There are no limits as to how many time a person or organisation can enter. Entries to the prize draw will be accepted until midnight on 31st August 2012 and the draw will take place on 1st September 2012. The winner will be contacted using the details provided via Paypal and their basic details published on our website.

Fed Up With Updating 5 Different Services With The Same Information?

Do you appreciate the importance of updating your website, but are sick and tired of updating Facebook, Twitter, email marketing lists and more every time you update your site? If so then we can help by linking your social media and email marketing directly into your new or existing website* to automatically update everytime you publish something new.

How Do I Automatically Update Facebook Twitter From My WebsiteYour business can benefit hugely from making good use of social media outlets like Twitter, and they have revolutionised the way that many businesses advertise and reach out to their customers.

In this new and exciting world of online opportunity many businesses are regularly blogging and updating websites with their latest news and the goings on in their industry or sector which is opening new doors and extending client bases.

This new approach to marketing your business has many many benefits, but it also has one major drawback, and this drawback is the need to commit time regularly to updating your website followed by updating services like Facebook and Twitter. The extra time taken to log in and out of each service and rewrite excerpts and add links can take its toll when your resources are stretched, but we can help by still keeping you on top of your website updates whilst linking in your additional social media and email marketing services to update automatically every time you publish something new on your site. For more information or a no obligation quote please call us today.

*Please note that the list of services which can be linked in to your website is based on your Content Management System. If you are unsure which CMS you have you can contact us and we will be happy to help.

Importance Of Keyword Proximity For SEO

Keyword Proximity Importance SEO Readability vs Keyword Proximity DensityIn order to rank a web page search engines such as Google take into account a number of things of varying importance in order to determine which order they should appear in for certain search terms.

One major piece of the SEO puzzle is keywords and keyword proximity.

What is a keyword?

A keyword is a single word or phrase which you would expect someone looking for your website to search for in a search engine.

Many people using search engines are now leaning towards the use of long tail keywords. For example many internet users are now more likely to use a phrase such as “surfing equipment hire in Newquay” over “surfing equipment hire” because they have learnt that being more specific gives them more accurate information in return. Therefore you should make your content more specific in order to reach out to the correct audience.

What is keyword proximity?

Keyword proximity is the distance within a piece of text between two or more keywords. For example if someone were searching for “swimming pools in Cardiff” you would expect a site containing this sentence:

“There are a number of swimming pools in Cardiff

To rank higher than this one:

Cardiff has a total of 17 swimming pools

The keywords used in the search are in closer proximity in the first sentence, which therefore makes it more relevant.

Many people try to cram their content with keywords until it is fit to burst and does not flow naturally to the point where it becomes difficult to read and understand. Do not do this. Users do not like decoding your content. They want something that is easy to read, and simple to understand and will most likely leave your site and fail to recommend your website to others.

Keyword proximity is important, but so is readability. If you are looking for extra keyword density make sure you make use of your alt tag in your images. The alt tag shows a text alternative to an image for those who have a text only browser, and can be used to add further destcriptive keywords to a page without them having to be logical as they are not meant to be read.

The key points to remember are:

  • Identify Your Relevant Keywords And Phrases
  • Construct Your Content To Contain Those Words And Phrases
  • Keep It Readable

And remember that most people construct their search terms the same way that they would construct a sentence when speaking.

For example you are more likely to see:

“Restaurants in Chester

As opposed to:

“Chester Restaurants”

So use the top one in your content, and the second and less readable one in your alt tags.

Transfer Your Hosting To Us And Save £££


Cheap Hosting Deals Low Cost Web HostingIf you already have a website that you’re happy with you’d be forgiven for thinking that there is nothing we can do to help you.

However, you’d be wrong.


We guarantee to beat any genuine like for like web hosting deal so call us today for more information as you’ve got nothing to lose!

We use one of the UK’s biggest and best hosting suppliers to bring you fantastic deals on hosting for you and your business including:

  • Websites
  • Emails
  • Domain Names

In fact our prices are so good we can even undercut our own supplier!

So whether you have already have a website, or were even thinking of creating your own call On Target for more information and a no obligation quote. We WILL save you money.

Size Of UK Internet Economy Highlights Importance Of Web

A new study has shown that in the UK the internet contributes around 8.3% of countries total economy. This places Britain at the top of G20 countries in terms of the size of its internet based economy.

Put into figures this means that in 2010 the internet economy accounted for £121 billion, which actually means that it was bigger than both healthcare and construction in terms of its contribution.

The study also showed that the UK buyers carry out far more online purchases than any other G20 economy with 13.5% of all purchases made online in 2010.

However the good news doesn’t just stop their as predictions show that over the next 4 years the total amount generated by the internet economy in the UK will rise to £221 billion, equivalent to 11% per year.

So what does this all mean for small and medium sized businesses in Britain?

Well firstly if you are thinking that this means you need to start selling products online then don’t worry because that is not the case. In basic terms if you consider that more than 80% of people now go online to look for information such as a business providing a product or service, but only %13.5 of all purchases are made online that means that the vast majority of people going online are still looking to walk through your door to buy what they need. At the end of the day some goods and services just aren’t suited to being sold online and never will be.

However what this does highlight is the need to promote your business online. If more than 80% of people are now looking online for information, and the majority of sales are still made face to face or over the telephone how much potential revenue are you losing out on by not getting your name out there?

The internet economy is not just about selling something online and reducing the amount of contact you have with your customer to nothing, in fact it is far from it. The idea of getting your business online is to promote what you do to a mass audience who just want to know what options are available to them.

This new study merely serves to highlight the huge importance of a good quality website to any business. You have a huge base of potential customers out there to tap into, so why don’t you get started today?

For more information on my web design (or redesign) services please don’t hesitate to contact me and begin to reap the rewards no matter what your business does.