Custom Community Dropped Right Sidebar Fix

If you happen to use the Custom Community theme in WordPress you may have come across a problem which causes the right sidebar to drop level with the footer.

Custom Community WordPress Right Sidebar Drops Into Footer

After fruitless hours of searching the web looking for a fix, and deciding not to go down the route of paying for the Pro version to get it direct from the developers I decided to have a go at fixing it myself.

As with all of life’s big problems the solution turned out to be a simple one (for me anyway!).

If you have used the visual editor in WordPress to create a page or post the editor adds <div> tags to every block of content in your new page or post. By going into the HTML editor tab you can see all the tags it has added. Deleting every single <div> and </div> tag and updating the page or post did the trick for me and brought the sidebar back into line!