DynamicWP Running RSS Plugin

rss logoFor those of you looking to incorporate either your own or any number of external RSS feeds into your WordPress blog DynamicWP is the plugin for you.

This fantastic plugin which can be seen in action here adds a running RSS feed from user selected sites to the base of your browser window, and it a great way to bring related content to your readers irregardless of which page or post they land on.

The plugin makes use of Google Ajax and can be personalised with adjustable colours, number of articles and scroll speed options available in your WordPress administration panel.

Recently Google has announced that Google Ajax no longer requires an API key, and as such it is now possible to run the plugin without entering an API key in the settings page so this can now be kept blank.

The example link I gave earlier runs the plugin without an API key from Google, whereas on previous installs for customers an API has always been generated and added into the settings.

You can find more information on DynamicWP Running RSS on the WordPress plugins section.

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