Everything Aberystwyth

Everything Aberystwyth

Everything Aberystwyth is a site which offers local businesses a low cost alternative to their own website, or an effective way in which to drive traffic into their existing website.

The site was created in order to help support small and local businesses, by allowing them to subscribe to the service on an annual basis to get a customisable business listing on a well maintained and regularly updated website which aims to reach out to the local community, tourists and students.

The site has and will continue to make use of social media such as Twitter in order to increase traffic levels to give local businesses even more exposure for their support. The site is supported through the annual subscriptions collected from members.

Further to this I have invested in bulk emailing technology, which will allow members to send out email advertisements to different groups within the community in order to provide them with more effective, lower cost advertising which is targetted at the right kinds of people unlike local newspapers for example.

At present I am working with a number of people and groups within the community including the local council on a number of ideas and projects to further enhance this service.

The site was first conceived in 2009 whilst I was working full time in Liverpool, and has been built ever since and contains a vast amount of local information including:

  • News
  • Activities
  • Places To Stay
  • Places To Eat
  • Jobs
  • Local History
  • Events

The site has so far been well received, and moving forwards will be working with a number of local businesses who are already in the process of subscribing for the year.

For more information on the site and the service it provides please get in touch using the contact form to your right or give me a call.

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