The Google Accreditation ‘Scam’

Have you recently been approached by BT about a website? Did they tell you all about the importance of search engines like Google to your business and its website? Well good, because they are very important and it would be wrong of them not to tell you.

Did they also tell you that they are accredited by Google? Very impressive you have to admit!

Well unfortunately if you’ve been caught hook, line and sinker by this very slick sales pitch, I have some terrible news for you. That accreditation (if the said company has it…) means nothing when it comes to the success of your site.

This happened recently to a company that is now a client of mine. Around the time I tendered for the business BT got in touch to sell them their web design service. Now this I have no problem with, at the end of the day it is a free country, and large or small all businesses are free to compete.

However when this particular business owner said that he was already considering an offer from another business (aka myself) the sales pitch became very heavy. Apparently because BT are ‘Google accredited’ they will be able to provide a first page ranking for the relevant keywords. The salesman turned designer also then inferred that as I had no such accreditation, I would not.

Now unfortunately this is not the case. Google is in no way influenced by ‘accreditation’ as all search results other than pay per click are achieved naturally. Anyway, how is Google to know that your site was designed by one of these ‘accredited’ companies? Unfortunately it is little more than a sales pitch designed to get the attention of those who have little or no knowledge of search engines and websites, but who do understand that it is important to have a high ranking.

Now of course when it came to the meeting I understandably had to fight my corner, and explained the facts as such. It is unfortunate that many SMEs fall into this attractive sales trap, and potentially end up with a website that fails to reach its full potential.

To highlight this point, BT gave my client the name of another company in the same business sector for whom they had done work previously. Now I will admit that they did an excellent job with the look and feel of the website, and my client based some of his original ideas on their design and layout which is credit to the designer. However when we search for a number of keywords relating to this company, in one of the 5 locations in Yorkshire where it resides we were unable to find it within the first couple of pages of Google search results.

Finally to make it a little easier we looked the company up by name, and can you guess what we found? Unfortunately for that company their website didn’t even show up in the first few pages of search results when you looked for them by name.

If you read the papers, you’ll see from time to time stories of medical professionals with degrees from Oxford and Cambridge. Did that piece of paper stop them from getting struck off for a missed diagnosis? Well, it’s the same with Google ‘accreditation’ presuming that it can and has been obtained by many of these firms. Just because they’ve paid to get it, it doesn’t mean they’re any good.

Now if that doesn’t prove my point with regards to these unscrupulous companies with their misleading and polished sales pitches backed up without substance then I don’t know what does. They have even tried to pitch their service to independent competitors offering the same service, as you see here.

And as well as being able to compete on service, as far as price is concerned once you take BT’s montly fees and minimum contract terms into account, along with charges for additional pages and every other add-on under the sun that I provide as standard where possible I was able to provide a better dealer, offering real value for money.

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