Importance Of Keyword Proximity For SEO

Keyword Proximity Importance SEO Readability vs Keyword Proximity DensityIn order to rank a web page search engines such as Google take into account a number of things of varying importance in order to determine which order they should appear in for certain search terms.

One major piece of the SEO puzzle is keywords and keyword proximity.

What is a keyword?

A keyword is a single word or phrase which you would expect someone looking for your website to search for in a search engine.

Many people using search engines are now leaning towards the use of long tail keywords. For example many internet users are now more likely to use a phrase such as “surfing equipment hire in Newquay” over “surfing equipment hire” because they have learnt that being more specific gives them more accurate information in return. Therefore you should make your content more specific in order to reach out to the correct audience.

What is keyword proximity?

Keyword proximity is the distance within a piece of text between two or more keywords. For example if someone were searching for “swimming pools in Cardiff” you would expect a site containing this sentence:

“There are a number of swimming pools in Cardiff

To rank higher than this one:

Cardiff has a total of 17 swimming pools

The keywords used in the search are in closer proximity in the first sentence, which therefore makes it more relevant.

Many people try to cram their content with keywords until it is fit to burst and does not flow naturally to the point where it becomes difficult to read and understand. Do not do this. Users do not like decoding your content. They want something that is easy to read, and simple to understand and will most likely leave your site and fail to recommend your website to others.

Keyword proximity is important, but so is readability. If you are looking for extra keyword density make sure you make use of your alt tag in your images. The alt tag shows a text alternative to an image for those who have a text only browser, and can be used to add further destcriptive keywords to a page without them having to be logical as they are not meant to be read.

The key points to remember are:

  • Identify Your Relevant Keywords And Phrases
  • Construct Your Content To Contain Those Words And Phrases
  • Keep It Readable

And remember that most people construct their search terms the same way that they would construct a sentence when speaking.

For example you are more likely to see:

“Restaurants in Chester

As opposed to:

“Chester Restaurants”

So use the top one in your content, and the second and less readable one in your alt tags.

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