Consultancy Services

On Target offer IT consultancy services to companies up and down the UK.

To try and define the scope of this service is impossible, as projects can vary from e-marketing to the development of new systems and processes, and as such every consultation is individual to your business.

The aim is to come away with a clear understanding of what you do and what you are looking to achieve in order to make clear recommendations about how this should happen. From this point it is then possible to move forward by constructing a formalised plan of what is to be done and where applicable, by whom.

It would be detrimental to any working business relationship to trivialise the definition of a consultation, because it will mean different things to different people. This is reflected in the service we provide, which focuses on your business and nothing else.

To discuss your needs further, and to find out more about what On Target can offer your business please get in touch.

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