Truck Tyre Solutions

truck tyre solutionsTruck Tyre Solutions are a West Midlands based independent commercial tyre dealer with locations in Oldbury, Redditch and Newtown in Powys.

The company is part of a group of 3 companies which also include a wholesale and retail division, and it was looking to set itself apart from these other two companies as a seperate entity with the introduction its own website.

Truck Tyre Solutions are a B2B organisation and as such the site takes inspiration from other B2B tyre companies rather than the retail sector which tends to be much more graphics heavy. As such the site is more content heavy, with an emphasis on the points which are most important to their target customers including:

  • Brand Choice
  • Price
  • Reliability
  • Service Quality
  • Technical Knowledge

The website has been designed in line with the companies current branding with a very clean layout on white background and includes:

  • Sidebar Contact Form
  • Technical Data Section
  • RSS Feed Of Latest Industry News
  • Social Media Sharing Buttons
  • Search Functionality
  • Menu Link To Secure Customer Login
  • Interactive Maps
  • Search Engine Optimised Content

The sidebar contact form was added as an alternative to a ‘Contact Us’ page so that it is visible on every single page of the website. The technical data section has been used to show a real understanding of the needs of customers in this market, and what Truck Tyre Solution’s do on behalf of these customers in order to control and reduce their spend on tyres. In order to show the vast area covered by the company through their mobile breakdown service I have used the MapPress plugin to create a custom Google map which conveys the amount of territory they can cover, and how close the various depots are to main transport links in order to ensure a speedy response.

Previous research in this sector has shown that for every 1 B2B website visit you will get approximately 20 B2C website visits. Therefore I have added a link in the header section to redirect those potential B2C customers to Truck Tyre Solution’s sister company who cater for retail ensuring that some of that potential business is kept within the group of companies.

The company is also the sole importer of the Firenza brand of truck tyres, and an additional information section is to be added in the coming weeks to give people a better insight into the brand and to increase awareness, in conjunction with an in depth article in a well known industry magazine.

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