Twitter Courses To Help Grow Your Business

Twitter Courses Small Business Tyre Industry Twitter Use CourseGeneric day courses on how to use Twitter to grow your customer base are nothing new and are all well and good for the big corporate firms selling products in their thousands by the day, but what about the tyre & garage sector for example?

As with all things technology these innovations seem to whisper in our ears, but then just pass us by on the whole.

Whether you are a global brand like Pirelli or Conti, or an MOT provider in Manchester you can use these tools and there are huge opportunities you are missing by not getting on the Twitter band wagon. The network now has over 150 million users, and provides you with a method of tapping in to topics and conversations which can help to bring you more business.

Tyres for example are not a sexy product, and they never will be. Without the right strategy you will be wasting your time try to sell a ‘Today Only’ special offer on a full set of 205/55R16V Hankook because the chances are people won’t have the desire or need to buy them today. However there are ways and means of tapping into social networks such as Twitter to generate more business, namely by pushing intangible services and bi-products which will bring you more sales such as free tyre checks and money off vouchers, such as those sent out using our MOT & Service reminder system.

On Target can provide day courses covering the following areas in depth to meet your needs:

  • Setup & Branding
  • Building A Following
  • How To Tweet
  • Best Practice
  • Strategies

If you would like to know more about Twitter courses for businesses then please get in touch. You can also outsource your social media marketing to us, and we can do it for you.

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