Yell Sites Review

1&1 my website reviewA number of large companies in the UK have recently launched web design & SEO services for customers such as 1&1 my website and BT. Another company to throw its hat into the ring is Yellow Pages who have launched their web design service Yell Sites.

Yell Sites offer what can only be described as cookie cutter templates which all look incredibly similar except for the couple of industry specific images they have picked out along with high charges for additional pages once you exceed around 4 or 5. The extra charges is where Yell Sites really start to make their money. The company charges a monthly fee (around £60 seems to be the average) to keep the site online and many of their add-on charges actually put many businesses off having a larger website with more pages and more targeted content. Understandably a lower cost option appeals to many businesses, but it could be costing you potential customers in the longer term.

One of the key principles of SEO, which helps to drive greater volumes of traffic to your website and therefore give you a better return on your investment is to target one search term per page on your website. If you offer 10 distinct services in your local area you should create a page per service to better target your potential customers. Each service is a seperate search term and should have a seperate page.

Further to this the wording of many websites by Yellow Pages is really just nothing more than keyword spamming. Spamming keywords affects the natural flow of your content making it more difficult to read and is essentially a lazy way of trying to bring in additional visitors. However the way that your content is worded actually just reflects badly on your business, meaning your conversion rate of visitors to customers is lower than it should be as your Yell Sites website turns potential customers away. For example of poor quality content see this FSB discussion about two thirds of the way down. What would your first impression be of a business with that standard of content on their website?

Yell Sites also appears as a sponsored advert when you look up a web designer in your local area on the Yellow Pages website. The first result you will see is a link to Yell Sites, where their own customers have only given them a 3 out of 5 review score on average for their service which is pretty poor and just smacks of another big company taking advantage of small businesses. However this is better than the ratings received by 1&1 whose customer support is supposedly awful.

For further information or a no obligation quote please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we think you’ll be suprised at just how competitive our prices are when compared with the likes of Yell Sites, BT and even other independent firms!

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